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Datsun seats??

Hi all, I'm sort of new to the world of Datto 1000's, my questions is this, are coupe seats the same as the 2dr sedans??
Your help is greatly appreciated
I should mention the question is for both front and back
Rears are definatly different
I haven't had a coupe with stock front seats for 20+ years so can't remember
But they might have been the same... but not sure
Hello and welcome,
I'd say from the picture below that they are differant, (head rests and more of a bucket shape) however look they they use the same rails as a B10.
Someone else should be able to shed some more light on it though.
Welcome! I just cross referenced part numbers (complete parts catologue for you in the downloads section ) and yep, front & rears are all completely different.
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Cheers guys for all the help
And I'll defs check out the cross reference section. 
Thanks for making my lil project a lil easier
So what do you have Greeny, a 2dr sedan or coupé? Got any photos for us? 
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
I can tell you for sure the wagon I have and the coupes all have different rails
The wagon bolts stright gown into the mounts and the coupes bolt in front and rear
Unsure about sedans though... my 2 door sedan in profile pic has some modifications
Hopefully I'll be adding a 2dr to my stable, providing the owner pays his fines and gets the vehicle rego sanction lifted... 
Should she join Garage de la Long, I'll be sure to take some happy snaps of the seats for you.
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
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