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Door Rubber

Anyone out there has got any idea why the doors on Datsun 1000 are so hard to close, I have replaced the rubbers (brand new) But I have to bang it hard to close the door. Maybe the rubber doe it go all around the door or only 3/4 of the door, please advice
G'Day everyone, I  never there is a datsun sunny Site,I have got 3 datsun 1 x datsun 1000 2 dr coupe- sedan type. 1980 model 2 dr sunny, and wrecking datsun sunny, I have got heaps of spare part for datsun sunny 1981 model.
My datsun 1000, owned it for last 12yrs not registered respayed, its in and out of garage all the time, i can see some surface rust on it, original milesgae about 69000. I havent posted any photos as yet cos I havent taken any. But I would like this machine to go to someone special who will give them a tender care, everything is std on this car including wheels and hub caps, drivers seat may need attention. Soory appologies, rear tail light modified to led lights
Thats why I wanted to make my tudor sedan a convertible 
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