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b20 daily driver build, 14x8s , sr20det, air con coming soon haha

Hey guys.. Not too much to  update.  Dramas with other cars preventing me from working on the ute much. (smashed my coupe falling asleep on freeway home from qld all Jap day, so I spent the next few months rebuilding it... May have gone crazy on the underbody and rails, making all new rails, raising the floor and dropping the car another inch haha. .. Took it to matsuri... Skidded 2 laps decent.. Water pump failed.. Car misfired mid corner... Traction... Off the track you go buddy... Smashed all the front off again hahahah.. Lasted 2 days looking nice... So it's in for a rebuild again for the 4th time...  My daily driver blew up so I been doing an engine swap on that also... Not much time left for the ute...  But here goes. 
Things kinda changed in my mind for the car and I knew I'd get bored of the a series very quickly... I decided on a 13b BP carby swap... Before realising I want to drive the car as often as possible... So I did chose the worst sounding 4cylinder of all time. Hahah a John Deere sr20...
Decided to make my own chassis rail because the factory rails wouldn't allow the height I want the car  to sit at... So I hand made some rails for it. 
(the other 15x12 - 78 wheels from a z31 circuit car I bought for a laugh and decided to see what it would look like  hahah... But I may aswell build another super short diff and actually put them on for shits and giggles one time and see if it launches well. ..
  I'll be keeping it on the 14x8 and 14x9 mk2 for everyday driving 
Some photos. (sorry about the sloppy layout.. My phone is killer to try to this on) 
^no motor in, sitting with the coupe 
^before I lost the plot 
^hand cut because it was on a Sunday and no later cutter was open.. . Besides I'm too poor to afford to get them laser cut.. So what's a few hours work.
^halfway, tacked in and adding gussets 
^allows the diff to get to to better height 
^hahah surprised they actually fit..
^bought a coupe dash for it... Before realising I need to either fab up a insert for it.. Or get a coupe dash to cut.. 
^bought a Wilwood pedal box and triangulated  4 link kit 
^still going to move it back a further 30mm once I cut the tunnel out (radiator only in for a thickness indicator)  got a intercooler on the way  to fit behind the grill with zero cutting required 
(waiting to roll the front gaurds inner lips and get all the weight back in the front before I decide to go lower)
Some other unnecessary photos for those Curious haha. 
Coupe + myself being a goose. 
^and the tow car undergoing heart surgery(blew big end bearing... So decided a neo swap and to revert back to the standard turbo.. So I attempt to control myself ... Bloody Nissan's... When are they ever on the road
[size= 15px]haha. [/size]
[size= 15px]
Seats dude I bought them off a friend who already imported them but didn't fit in them. 
Until next post guys. 
Also chasing a bonnet for a friend who is missing one.. That's All his needs to be complete.  If anyone has one can they contact me please.
Pm'd re bonnet
Very out there mods and all looking out of scales crazy good.
Whats the legalities of the sr20det for the b20?????
Also did you remove the drain channel on the firewall and how
easy would it be to fit an NA SR16ve in a 1000?
(just asking ahead for Matt who is planning an SR in his VB10)
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Looks good mate but I must ask, is it going to be legal to drive it on the street? or did you just keep it registered? I was under the impression you would need an engineers certificate unless you are one. And if your not judging by your work you should be!
Wooooow! Tough stuff about your coupe man that must suck!
yes i'm wanting to do an sr16ve engine and seeing the sr20 in there just made it seem more possible. 
How far under crossmember does it hang? Or does it at all... And any modifications on crossmember or anything?
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