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L16 into 1000

Has anyone done an L16 transplant into a 1000? Any tips or hints to save some heartache would be greatly appreciated. If this goes ahead I will have an A10 and gearbox for sale too.
I saw an L20b in a 1000 a while back but used a side waterpump from a boat as I vaguely remember as the front mounted pump will hit your radiator. You can use an electric water pump as the datsun 1600 guys use when installing an FJ20.
Its the same issue fpr us going from A to L as them from L to FJ.
Alternative shortening the waterpump is possible also using a good machining joint thats done it before.
However you need to make sure it doesnt stick out further than the single row crank pulley does and
use flexalite ultra thin thermo fans along with a custom radiator for extra cooling of the big block.
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