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poor 4 door form. . ., ha ha

How's Tuesdays form
We do a quest to Maggot Creek (aka Margaret River) swap some cash for a 4 door and a bunch of bits to go with it
Bit of tampering and it's been over the pit and passed first go all in less than 2 weeks. . .
Another Thou on the road, even though it is a bunky 4 door. . 
Good stuff but I have to ask.....how many bloody 1000's are over in the west?  It's as if Japan sent them all there and you let a few escape to the east! Keep on getting them back on the road and a few more might escape and I'll  be able to increase the size of my fleet! Blahaha...
Hey you guys did alright over that way
Most of the coupes ended up in Adelaide I'm sure
I know of at least 3 we brought this way
I spose I should pipe up and say something.

The car goes great and is a bit of a rare gem. Everything is in good order, and even the car inspector was surprised to its condition.

The car came from a maggot Creek local who bought it from an old local to do up with his son. When I asked why it hadn't happened his reply was
"My son is into commodores unfortunately..." 'sigh'
Apparently the old fella he bought it from got too old to drive so he just handed in the plates in 2007.

I genuinely suspect that the car has an original 102,000 miles on it as everything is just great. The bad side is the more and average home paint job it got. Its not too bad from a distance, but up close its pretty average.
Still its a great all round car and drives brilliantly.

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