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What is your favorite B10 mod?

I know probably fitting a turbo drag car motor and 5 speed should me my favorite mod,
but if anything it sort of took 90 percent of the fun factor out of driving of what was a brilliantly balanced little car (little weight, little power,  little speed, little fuel, little brakes).
I loved the way I could just hold the gas on through corners (rolling the tyres off rims)  and also never get done for speeding.
My favorite mod would have to be fitting a vintage factory clarion am/fm radio with separate cassette deck ( from a top of the line '78 280c ),
and modding the cassette line in to take a headphone plug so I can use my phone output.
The clarion/datsun radios are capable of some pretty decent sound if hooked up to some good speakers.
A15 and disc brakes are my favourites
13" wheels, A12 box and clutch/cable setup,3 Core radiator, big cubes, disk brakes, electroninic ignition.... (for simple mods that is)
I like all the mods above but a 4 speed for me is fine with the 3.545 diff and A12 that is able to rev with higher compression, slightly better springs, downdraft 28/36, A14 lighter front pulley, A10 lightened flywheel/balanced re-drilled for L16 clutch with A series input spline made by Highway clutch and brakes for $140 and fly mods for 80-120.
165/65 tyres can stretch nicely over 13x6 or 14x6 inch rims and give a good price for replacements and wheel choices are excelent with none hitting the guards in any stance chosen or performed.
Alternator mods to internally regulated one for cleaning up the engine bay, heater hose mods reversed to go under exhaust for less clutter around the bay and some of my other anal mods for cleaning up the bay so when I look in there with a migraine it clears up fairly quickly!

So if you notice below the heater hose goes under the exhaust now by cutting the heater outlet Y pipe and facing it
the opposite way alternator is Mitsubishi unit found on magna, sigma, Mazda and some Camrys.

Also H4 lights make it look finally like day from a very dark night! 
The mods below are on a Kb10 now owned by Benny who is too
busy at 1200.com to grace our boards yet! He will in time.

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Ahhhh yes, the H4 headlighs is a must....
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