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B10 stuff... , must have weirdness,

After Ash's comments for weird Thou parts...
I thought we could make a thread... 
I love that his 2 door is 3 speed, I've owned thous before that were 3 speed in the past and had 4 speeds fitted, but neve had one with the 3 on the tree still in, 
My wagon still had reclining seats in it, but they were broken...
I did bring in some coupe headrests, the aussie ones had the holes, but no rests... thats weird, 
coupe wooden steering wheels(was also B10 option from what I can gather)
Coupe consoles... I only know of two in AU...
  ugly sucker.... 
Dash Clock... wanted, bid a few times... never scored one... 
my rareities are my Sunny 1000 tray...
and an aniversary plarque
  with a silver Key
I've got an Aussie coupe keyring or two... 

cheers, Mike
some of the JDM ones had these Sports badges... 
or this one 
the round badge on the C pillar of the JDM ones with the S logo in them, is pretty hard to get hold of, 
The Sedan Badges 

and the JDM ones had the stainless/chrome strip along the top of the guards down to the boot...

(I don't think these pics will last too long.. yahoo seems to get rid of them pretty quickly...)
other JDM cool stuff, was the extra switches on the steering column mount, for hazard lights, and the wiring had more fuses, more like a coupe, and sedans had the tandem master cylinder...
Great idea for a topic Dundee.
Here is a pic of my Dash clock.

I have gone to install it a few times now, each time I do I cringe at the idea ofputting a hole in my dash.
Maybe one day i'll man up and install this unique piece of gear.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
the hole is already in the steel, and i think most of the way thru the crashpad too???
I made a new dash from scratch.
I'm more concerned about drilling a hole through my hard work
Got a Sports Emblem, but no 4speed to warrant its use.

Also a Large advertising poster.

And some Jap owners manuals. (2 door and Ute are repro's, 4 Door is the real deal)

Other than that my stash is made up of standard 1000 bits and pieces.
I'd love to see what other wierd and wonderful 1000 bits are out there.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
hey Beetwenty I would love to see pics of your dash rebuild if you have some handy ??
I have been a long time member of the 1200 club but found this site. As I have a coupe this is where I should be.
it's been a bit quiet round here.... 
ok, gotta say, many months sitting patienly... 
boxes come... smiles are had... 
Datsun Pencils...
My wheels came after a slow boat trip via Syd
and came with Genuine wheel nuts.. and I really like the tyre size.. B10 spec.. 175/50-13... 

3rd time lucky, a GX manifold for me....
and for random must have goodnes, an old school JDM spec points tune up kit.. (I have simular old school American ones for Chevies and the like)
I was starting to think my wifi wasn't working, very quiet!
At least you've come to the party with some new toys! Love the rims. Now tell me why the GX manifold and not extractors? Just wondering as I have a set Genie 4-1 and 4-2-1 as well as the GX, what would you say is better? You can write the answer with one of your new pencils!!
I picked this little mag up of the 'Bay... 
well impressed... 

heya Dix, 
I like the good flowing Datto manifolds for fit and space, 
extractors work well if they are well made, most are just cheep look good items..


I have looked at that mag on ebay a few times over the years.
Never bought one though.
Im not sure if this counts, but thought it could go here on some level, even if i have posted it on here as another topic.
3D printed dog tag for our puppy "Sunny"
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
luv the dogtag,
I thought I'd put up the Chamois and other stuff too, but i couldn't see it anywhere... 

 it'll keep the cokes propper cool....
That esky is super cool and prob keeps things cooler than todays foam jobs
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Got a Sunny-Kun keyring in the post today.
Not sure if it counts as a wierd 1000 part as Sunny-Kun was a 1200 thing.
But i like it anyway, and to me its close enough.
Plus while im updating this thread ill throw in a pic of my Hayashi Racing A-Series cover.

Super rare, as there are only 20 of these bad boys in existance.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
that rocker cover is pure sex...... and in the fastest colour!
and Sunny-kun anything is cool, even if its 1200 pogo stick stuff...
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