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Updating the Site / Forum

Hey everyone,

For those who don't know me, I'm beetwenty's brother, and I made this site (I'm a web developer in real life).

I've been wanting to update the site for a while now. There's a few main things I want to change:

  • Make it mobile phone and tablet friendly.
  • Host user galleries on imgur.com (to save bandwidth and hard drive space on this server)
  • Rewrite the interface in a more modern/faster language (from Classic ASP to a C# API called via Javascript)

Mobile phone and Tablet friendly
The term used in web design is "responsive", meaning the site resizes itself depending on the screen it's being displayed on. I'll also lay things out for mashing with fat fingers on touch-screens. Eg: big buttons

User Galleries
The main reason for hosting images directly on this site was to make it easier for users to upload photos. I still like that idea, but we're using up a lot of storage on the server.

Instead of restricting the number of photos you can upload, I've decided to use an image hosting service in the background.
The move will be seamless - you'll still use this site to upload/view/delete images.

Your images won't be searchable on imgur.com, but you'll be able to see them with the direct image URL.

Each user will have an album automatically generated, and the album URL will be linked to on your profile page.

Anything else?
Before I start, I was wondering if there's any other features or changes you'd like to see.

Oh, and I have no idea how long all this will take. I'm doing it in my spare time between real work etc.

Great idea with the mobile browsing as I spend most of my time on this site using my phone!
cant really think of much else the site needs.
Thanks in advance!
G'day Andrew,
I do all my posts and uploads via iPhone 5s and have found that it is perfect. Image uploads etc are very easy and I have no issues with the screen sizing. Either way I'm sure whatever you do will be an improvement (not that I think it needs it).
keep up the great work.
I agree, photos seem ok most of the time but as you mentioned, the buttons could be bigger to suit rather than having to swipe zoom in etc etc
Cool. The image uploads are something I want to keep as easy to use as possible.
Maybe just automatic links rather than using the chain thingy highlights etc
If possible also keeping logged in for a tad longer as sometimes we type
send and goes back to log in losing all that we typed, Im sure Matt knows
what I mean and a few others.
otherwise awesome easy to use site still love it
if its possible and you have any time left, a yahoo auction automatic link
using goodle translate or yahoo auction english option.
using tags: サニー b10 KB10 VB10 B20
if at all possible not sure again but there is an engine calculator on Ozdat 
that would be awesome to have using A series and the missing CA
engine as these are the easiest engines to fit a thouee.
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