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A10 A12 questions

Quick question hopefully. Can I increase capacity of an A10 by using an A12 or are there any other options? 
Thanks in advance
A12 crank*
I think I found my answer in a post by D. A12 crank won't work in an A10.
Nope... too many bearings
Best to upgrade to an A12 block
Thanks for that. I managed to find the info eventually. I tossing up with the idea of A12 build or drop in an a A14. The thing is I'm struggling to find info on fitting an A14, eg do I need to make new brackets on my crossmember, will the bonnet close etc.
Could I run an A14 crank in an A12 block? If so what rods pistons etc.
Engine mount brackets need mods
Block is taller so need to run sidedraft carbs or live with a little sports filter which can still hit the bonnet
Easiest way would be an early A12 with dizzy at front and A14 crank... I've not done it but theres abit of info about on it
I decided I will go down the A14 crank in an A12 block. Currently trying to find a crank now wish me luck.
how did your engine build go?
Got all the parts to do it but still finishing the body and paint.
I've been following a post on 1200.com  turbo EFI for under $1200.
May end up going 1.2stroker and EFI turbo.
Just so you are sure of the side effects or real world performance of that engine
you have to consider the higher numbers it produced did so with only most of the hp
available at the top end making it a less tractable setup than supercharged or
using a smaller turbo making less hp and torque where it suits street driving.
Good to hear you are going A12 with A14 crank just consider the complexity of
the efi in the overall scheme as it will cost more in setting up and tuning than
the person who is doing this setup for under 1200.
You might find it will cost double that just to setup the efi whereas an SU carb
can be had cheaper and work just as well in a drawthrough setup.
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