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old Thou, missing wires...., windscreen washers

Just having a look over the Wags, binned the aftermarket washer bag, that wasn't wired up yet anyway, 
it seems the old girl doesn't have any washers wiring.. none up under where the switch lives, and none out near the Kangas sack... 
cant say i've ever seen that before.... anyone else got any ideas? 
I'll just run my own, just seems a bit odd, 
I did find two longish wires taped up to the harness near the switch, one comes alive (green) when you turn the parkers on, the other I'm guessing is an earth (black).. 
(nb, i havent investigatd too hard yet, it's late and i was just having a quick look... so could be alive with headlights etc too... )
just had a random thought.... 
did the early ones have a sack with no motor, and the hose went inside with a pump????
Hand pump the sack on early girls
Thanks Nool...
vaguely remember seeing one.. 
can't even say it's drugs that killed my memory... lol 
i don't got one though.... 
next hunting mission....
Check middle of firewall from engine bay, behind rear of engine where the washer hose runs. I remember having some random wiring tucked up there.
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