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2 DOOR Sedan.... , good cause.. not for licence ....

thinking of doing an Enduro event... My preferance is a 2 door sedan.... anybody got something, or know of anything about.... (in WA would be the preferance.... )
Use your yellow one slacker
nice coupe with half a cage already..... 
Don't be rude
I want that one
both you buggers keep threatening.
Your both just lucky that im happy to hang onto it till a cheque from either of you two turns up.
turn up with a cheque and its first in best dressed.
oh and i have a 2 door sedan for you dundee. I do have to weld up the back doors, but its two doors then
You know I'm on for that coupe
Just need to come take a look and see whats included
quite partial to a coupe... 
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