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1000 ute door rubbers

Anyone know if 1000 coupe door rubber will fit on the ute? Can only seem to find rubber for the coupe. 
Thanks in advance to any replies it's much appreciated
Doors and frames are different
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think 4 door sedan doors the same as ute if that helps your search?
Hi mate I got rubber from Clark Rubber one with double sided tape work really well reasonable prices too only a suggestion dont get any rubber from rare spares complete waste Iif coin ended up all in the bin $800 bucks worth for a rubber kit.
Got myself a little 1968 1000 4 door. I have done a full body restoration everything of the car. Am in the process of trying to get back on the road. motor has only done 25000 original miles. Look foward to sharing my progress with you guys . Will get photos up at weekend . cheers scottysdatto.
guys be wary as scottsold rubber things are different and I was there to check my coupe door rubbers were different both surrounds and outer window dust seal was totally different just estimated closeb as possible but not exact not by a long way so beware
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