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Freaky Thou stuff...

ok Kids... so I've been surfing.. waxed up my mouse and came up with some more freaky 1000 goodness.. 
so what u think? 
Pity I don't have a Record player any more... ha ha



must be dealership stuff, 
(not sure why the images uploaded sidewaysd, sorry)
ive got an LP player.
I reckon you need to bring them up to my place. You could leave them there as well, since you dont have an LP player.
68 4 Door project (http://www.datsun1000.com/TopicView.asp?TopicID=668)
Earth First!!! We Can Mine The Other Planets Later
Do you think the song on the coupe ad will be on those records?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
thats mad there Master Mike
just in case the K Kids missed it heres a nice K Koop
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