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Exhaust system for Datsun 1000 Van

Hi Folks,
I'm at it again - looking for more spare parts. This time, my uncle is after a complete new exhaust system for his '68 1000 van. I think it's the same system as the sedan.
Has anybody had the experience of sourcing either an original or after-market system from the usual suppliers?  If so, could you recommend someone - or if you have a system for sale, we'd like some more details.
Hoping all your projects come to roost,
Hi Neil,
thanks for the pic and the part numbers. It seems like the system needs to be made up from scratch, by some exhaust shop. I doubt whether a system of this age would be available off the shelf.I guess my uncle might have to take the car in and leave it with them to cobble something up. (Probably this way sounds expensive, though!)

We'll keep looking and when we come up with something, I'll post our adventures back on the site to perhaps help others. (I expect many owners might get into the more sporty exhaust designs, but I think my uncle is looking for a standard system.)
Anyway, see how we go...
The exhaust system for a 1000 is nearly straight.

The only bends are over the rear axle and the bend out of the engine bay.

Any exhaust shop worth their salt would be ale to bend this up in a few hours.

And it shouldn't cost you much.
From my experience, if you buy a pre made system, you save alittle on the labour to fit.

To get a custom system made to the same specs as an off the shelf system, you save on the purchase of the system, but pay more in the labour to make and fit.

its about the same in the end either way.

Lots of exhaust shops like to fit premade systems cause they are lazy and like the simplicity - just bolt it up.

The std system is a little restrictive. I would suggest you go to about 1.75" with a big muffler.
This shouldn't be loud with the right muffler and ensure the motor breathes well enough.

Thanks Reuby T,
your advice sounds logical and common sense - but also it points in the direction we thought might be the way to go. So that's good - at least we feel we're on the right track! 
We'll keep on it and I'll get back with any info that might help others, as well.
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