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1000 wagon VB10 suspension

What have you 1000 guys done with suspension?
Anyone done any of the following? 
•Reset springs
•Used LJ Torana shocks in the front
•Used 1200 coupe shocks in the rear
•Used adjustable shocks
Anyone have a tried and proven setup?
Is there any difference in wagon suspension?
wagons have different springs & saddles , 
I've had springs reset upwards, 
urethane bushes are the go
So is that just the front that is different or the rear as well?
I used the front suspension out of a KB10 and put that in my VB10, as it was missing and I thought fronts suspension was all the same. That won't cause me any issues or require me using different shocks for the front will it?
Fronts are all the same
Thanks for that Neil, I did think the front was the same.
The reason I ask about using Torana fronts and 1200 coupe rears, is that I know they are available in a Koni adjustable. Not that my VB will be any sort of race car, I just like the idea of adjustability.
I''ve used Torana front on mine before
hey greeny,
i have koni adjustables made for a torana in the front of my 1000 sedan and on the short drives i've done since i am happy with the choice, all i had to do is replace the bottom pin and bushing in the shock. I also have 1200 coupe shocks in the rear which i have done more driving on and they feel great, however they aren't the konis they are kyb gas ajust... but they were listed for a 1200 coupe and they bolted right in (to a sedan). If you don't want to do a bunch of metal fab i really think 1200 shocks in the rear and torana up front are your best choice. i had some monroes (auto adjust type) in the back of an old sedan and the kyb just feel so much better however i have never owned a 1000 with anything but original front shocks so i don't have much to compare the front konis with... needless to say though for the improvement they have offered i would fit them to any future 1000 i own.. hope this helps if you want photos or have questions i'd be happy to help. I know i jotted down the part numbers too, i will just have to go digging if need be.

just a photo i had handy at the moment.
if you are lowering the rear ive got a thread somewhere a few years ago
used 720 front shocks for the rear of my old wagon which is Matts now
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