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2 door sedan 1000 build, single rotor goodness

So after having to work the sunday and Monday of the long weekend, i'm finally where i was hoping to be at last weekend...
I disassembled the steering rack and cut it down 130mm, and shortened the tie rods 45mm (no pic though)

And what it looks like put together.

It's only tacked for now in case i have to further shorten the housing to allow for more lock (note I did machine up a sleeve, which welds the two halves together, you can see it in the pic below).
And what it looks like when put in place in front of the front cross member. Note this is not the final location, just a quick photo.

I also managed to put together a bracket to give locations of all the important points, I'm hoping to make 1x completely new bracket encorporating all of these points this week. See below for details of how things mount together

As for the timing cover, using the standard cover (unmodified) means the engine will only move forwward about 20-30mm. I have decided to cut down the cover from 80mm to about 25-30mm, this allows enough room for the front counterweight, etc. I'll have to discuss it with a mate from work who i'll get to tig it all back up about the easiest way to do this.
I'm also considering going straight to a small PP (40mm) to save heaps of time fabricating an intake manifold and dual throttle body assembly.
All I'll need then is one of these throttle bodies from Jenvey, an injector and an air box, with a bit of alloy pipe to join it all together. I'll need to sit down and have a bit of a talk with my engine guy though about it...

I think i'll be pushing to have it finished and ready to drive to WTAC on the 13th October, but we'll see. May have to call in a few favours from some mates...
Do you have an photos of the crossmember moved forward?
Would be good to do now, seeing as i have to get a custom steering shaft made anyway.
Good to hear you are going PP to save time, parts and fitment issues
I had pics on my last PC but HD kicked the bucket on the way to Japan
at some stage as it was all wiped out clean by x-rays or something at customs.
It wasnt difficult and stability with overall weight would have been awesome.
You wont need a big PP inlet and some guy is experimenting with 2 small
siamese ones angled towards each other that tapers the mix into the rotor chamber
will try and find pics when I can which could be forever as I have a newborn.
Edit: cant find pics of siamese PP setup searches are harder these days
since internet became policed and monitored
Also if you consider a future rotor the 15x it will need more space
and will be all alloy by the sounds of things with size like the 15a below
Also if you are looking at extra torque in the future maybe can modify a pp setup
to have slides of a throttle body like the suzuki patented Re5 rotary that
adjust the butterfly that lived on the inlet port in sync with the carb butterfly
also the longest possible inlet runners to increase port.
If you could have a slide setup on the inlet port like the suzuki engine opening
from the top so it sucks up the mixture to create turbulenge or mix then slide
downwards as you accelerate it would be the best scenario for extra midrange.
cant find the suzuki inlet butterfly pics but I suppose the turbo being a little bigger than
you want prob wouldnt have much lag anyways.
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