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New member first datsun, Just bought my first datsun. 68 1000 sedan

Hi guy's, new member and first datsun owner here. Names Jake.
Just picked up my freshly restored datsun 1000 sedan yesterday and already love it! 
It's by far the cleanest and oldest car I have ever owned and is just so enjoyable to drive. 
So I just thought I'd put up some pictures to show you guy's. Oh and btw, are there many other Datto guy's in Perth WA? would love to meet up with other datto owners and go on cruised or car shows etc... 
Enjoy, Jake
Plenty of datto guys
We are starting meetings again
Wed nights once a month
Empire bar
Nice to see Scotty's datto out and about
Welcome Jake, 
good to see you on here... Nice Datto you scored there,
Cheers guy's I'm glad to be part of the datto scene. 
Yeah I still can't believe what a bargain I got myself. would be keen to meet some more datto guy's out at the pub, but will see how I go as I work long hours..
Also Dundee, I met Nick down in Armadale while buying some 1200 hubs for a disc brake swap and he was telling me you'd be a good one to talk to for advice? feel free to pm me if you don't want to message in here. 
Cheers, Jake
heya Jake, 
happy to catch up sometime, 
Neil and I worked out a pretty good setup for the 1000's.. 
Sounds great! what area are you guy's in? I'm all the way up in Hillary's area... hahaha 
But I drive everywhere lol
Hi Jake, good to see Scotty's datto is now Jakes datto! You got a ripper car there. Be good to see what improvements and personalising you do to it, that cars a great starting point for an awesome car.
Dundee is in Spearwood and I'm in Gosnells
Dundee's shed is bigger and better though for beer and bullshit sessions
Cheers Dix, yeah still a few things to finish off on it interior wise, like the dash, door card's and replace or re apholster the orig seats if I keep them (have mr2 seats in the shed) guards need rolled and I may lover it and put some different wheels on it. see how I go haha. I don't really want to touch the body of the car if I don't have to, since Scotty has done such an awesome job! 
Then on the side I will build up a hot engine/ gearbox package. all in time though I have another project on the go atm 
Nice looking ute by the way! much been done to it?
Sounds good Neil! spearwood is literally straight down the fwy from where I am
Def should arrange a night to catch up and chat about dattos and have a good rave on about other shiz! haha  Idk what you guy's are doing but I'm pretty well free tomorrow night as the missus is working. might be a bit short notice though lol
Mate heaps done to it and still going, but you'll find that out for yourself now you've got one! You will always find something else to modify or improve.
Yeah I had a look at your profile pics the other day. the ute looks madd! makes me want to build one up one day. very nice work indeed. 
Haha yeah I hear what you're saying. I just bought mine and I have a million plans already lol!
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