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SchuMi2's KB10 Build

The mounts are all done except for the final paint when they are to be left on the motor. Sump clears the X member. If I have time today I will drop the motor back into the car and I might start looking at the alternator placement etc.
Nice job onthe mounts!
Very clean weld bead there. Looks professional!
It things look like a pro has done them, the inspectors dont look as hard.
I know this is gonna sound silly, but does the oil filter come off?
Thanks...thats what I am hoping...if it looks like an original part they might not look hard at all...drop the mount for the filter...not hard...5 bolts. Unfortunately there was very few options for that mount with the filter in exactly the wrong spot.
hmm crap on the filter.
have you considered a remote mount?
you just get a plate machined up to fit the engine side, fittings, hoses and then another plate for the filter end and a mount.
Might not have room, but justa thought.
Looked at that option but the extra $$ on remote mount wasn't worth it for 1 or 2 max filter changes a year.
Sat the motor in today to check for any issues. The only thing I will do is drop the engine down another 10mm. Otherwise everything else sits well. 
Man that the filter location! but nothing a screw drive wont fix when taking it off 
Done that to plenty of these modern cars with no space for much from underneath
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Filter position isn't ideal but there will be plenty of access from underneath...drop the mount bolts and spin it off.
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