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pricing for CNC machining

Reubs any chance of those cad drawings
I can chip in for some of the costs
otherwise the way things are going it looks
like I wont be playing with A series anymore
as even Oval port heads cost more than
setting up a twin cam A series.

Buying a datsun in Japan is like buying a
rolls royce or a new car. Of couse i dont
want a new car but its getting increasingly
difficult to not move to newer machinery
here the kind I used to love tinkering with.

Atm fitting a 2013 2.5L direct injected engine
into an older 1996 toyota liteace noah
to only run its tunnel port injectors with
an old computer and modded pick up
points on the engine to work with the
old ecu and energizing the vvt so they
dont put the camshafts in max opening
40 degree position and allow them to
be more usable. This is my current hobby
but would love to put an A series into
a suzuki rwd only Suzuki Lapin which is
a modern version of the vb10.
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yep, just sent you a PM on this.
its coming - just a bit slowly.
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