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Borgwarner diff to suit 1000 ?

any one know if there is a borgwarner diff that bolts in to the 1000. Gear ratios and limos are cheap and easy to get for thoes.
short answer is nothing.
As far as I know, there is no "bolt in" BW diff and housing the fits in a thou without cutting it down.
Ive cut down a R31 skyline BW to fit. Its not in the car yet, but it all lines up.
The 120Y BW diff is too wide.
Pintara, commodore, falcon, pintara units are all to wide
I believe you can fit a H150 diff centre into the H145 housing with spacers and other stuff, but that wont achieve what you want.
How much does it cost to cut down a diff?
800-1200 usually
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I had mine cut down for $800.00 about 2 years ago. That was shorten housing and shafts plus respline.
It was a skyline diff so no need to redo the stud pattern. else thats extra
I then went and had the dif centre rebuilt. That was about $350 from memory.
ballarat diff services costs 450 a few years ago
might be worth freighting to them back and forth
for their prices are the cheapest
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