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Restoring Front Spring Supports

Restoring the spring supports can be done fairly cheaply and with good results. Mine looked like they were the originals:

Seems like someone got stuck into them with a hacksaw and tried some rubber filler on top to cover it up, but thats worn away now and they were left a bit soft and worse for wear
To restore them I bought a glue from Bunnings called urethane bond, by Selleys, which is ideal for this sort of job. Also in bunnings they have 2.5-3mm thick rubber (you may have to ask, they didn't have it on the shelf when I asked). I simply cut it to size and glued it to the supports using the bond glue. Now they look a million times better:

That's liquid nails I used on the underneath, it looks to be worn away and I didn't want metal rubbing on metal too much.
I tried to make the pics a little smaller but it's a little difficult to guess. Click resizing them in the post editor doesn't work too well either. Anyways hope this is OK
Hey ratb10,

I like the restoring spring supports tip!

And yeah, at the moment the editor's very basic. Until I can get it to behave, what I've been doing is:

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Well it was a year or two ago but I simply went to my Nissan dealer & ordered some. They turned up a few days later.
Yes, the part number was still current & may be current even now for all I know.
Worth a try.
KB10GL, the car I always wanted.
i know the engine mounts are not in stock but theree is a place in brisbane rocklea that will fix new rubber to plates im sure if they can do engine mounts they could do spring supports
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