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VB10 Wagon Restoration

Gday from the land of Oztralia .... I just picked up a VB10 Wagon a few days ago with the help a very nice bloke and finally got some pictures together. Needs fair bit of work, but could be a heap wearse. Fairly new to restoring though a long time datsun fan.
On the good side the engine is a runner and seems ok besides the exhaust is falling off the headers ... all the chrome is there from what i know anyway, same for seats and door cards. The bloke i got it off had a external resistor for it, grabbed a bosch gt40t and that sorted it out.
As for the bad the driver side floor is gone, big crack in front windshield (he offered a replacement for $100aud ... is that a decent price?) some bog suprises i'm yet to uncover and it needs new headlamps (is that what you call them soz) the square ones under the headlights on the front ........ and a rear l/h tail light lense.
As for modifications etc i'm not sure as yet, got a spare a12 in my 120y which could be wearth a look into, would the wagon be the same deal as the ute conversion? Saw one person at least has done that here. Other than that ... fender mirrors, move the seat back so i can actually fit in, lower it some or at least get the back level with the front, find hubcaps or some rims, fresh coat of paint and some polish .. nothing too major.
This guy here does a decent brake conversion i was planning to look into "GE sigma gear and 1200 dual res master cyl"
Will get some more pics up as i progress .... need to make room in the garage before i can start removing bog/paint etc ... damn surface rust 
Take care for now folks. Cheers for the cool site








Lovely looking early vb10, Ive been after a grille like that for about 11 years so youve done well.
I hope you get rid of the tin worm and youll have a great car that causes alot of passer by whiplash
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, Big Brother is watching you - George Orwell United we stand, Divided we fall - Aesop  NAMES IN JAPANESE - LOOKING FOR VB10 SHELL http://iamthewitness.com/ZionistControlOfBritain.html   lovely piece! http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=24688
great score, man! plenty of potential. An a12 is always a great coversion for these things. I was watching this auction on ebay. I asked the seller to pass my number onto the winning bidder but don't know if he did.. i was keen on buying the exterior sun visor (still am). if you are at all thinking of selling it let me know! i have a bunch of spares if you wanted to trade.. i have a bunch of door handles, window winders and a couple of speedos.. i am not sure if they are compatible between my 68 sedan and your 67 wagon, but i have the indicators that go under the headlights. Got some 120y spares too if you needed anything... ANYWAY sorry for the mouthful, but hyper keen on the visor. look forward to seeing the progress on this car! cheers.
Thanks D It took some time and outside help to figure out what "tin worm" meant   lol ..... i definatlly agree though it needs to go. I like the cut of your jib by the way
Ordered some long shank carbide bit's today to get stuck into porting out a spare a12 head i won off ebay for an entire 10 bux, got a spare cam also that could do with a regrind ... something mild.

As i bought it     With some love

Need to figure out whats up with the A12 before looking at swapping it over, it's running very hot ... have to turn it off after a few minutes. Gone through the radiator system, tried it with a new water temp sensor and without one at all. Would you guys say it's likely a blown head gasket ? Or something else i'm totally missing.
Sorry Paddy the guy i bought it from did offer to pass on the infortmation if i was keen to sell it, going to hang onto it for now though. If i decide to rehome it thought it's all yours mate .... never heard of someone being "hyper keen" so wont be easy to forget you 
Are you after a totally original one or something? Found a fair few places doing new ones for around the $100 mark .... are they not quite the same?
ha fair enough, mate. Can completely understand you wanting to keep it. i have become some what of a hoarder with my bits and pieces. I only preferred the one on your wagon because it wasn't shiny and new.. i have found a few places that do them but $175 is the cheapest i have seen. do you have a link? or number?
just a little inspiration for your build..
Hello from Indonesia,
I just bought a '68 VB10, good condition. love the car very much, planning to repaint it next month
but the problem is, -and it kills me-  it doesnt have the tail lights...... both left and right. I've been looking all over the junkyards in jakarta and still got no clue where to find it 
is there anyone has the information where i can find the pair? 
thx a lot guys 
Is it the one piece style or the 3 piece style ?

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