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Right Hand Fender, Please Help

Im just seeing what's avaliable at the moment...
Im trying to get a Right Hand Fender for Derrick719.
I have a left Fender and a bonnet here that im donating to him from a parts lot I bought on the weekend.
Im hoping someone has one that they would like to part with to make up a set.
Before I ship these internationaly im trying to get a right side to send of in one package to keep the shipping costs down for him.
Im guessing shiping will be huge so im hoping someone is willing to help him out with something cheap and realitvely rust free.
(I know this is asking alot.. Please help to get another Left Hand Drive 1000 on the road again).
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I think I have a left fender, and it was average.
Shipping shouldn't be too bad but then again they charge you by whatever is larger (volume vs weight). So it might be a bit of a surprise. My main concern would be keeping the stuff straight/flat - some glass/glazing companies have some neat flat pallets which are quite compact and strong, you could salvage some of those to build a decent crate. And I think the teminology is DO NOT TOP LOAD or something like that (for a big shipping label to put on the crate) so as the shipping agent knows not to load anything on top of it (and squash the panels).
I'll have a look here for a RH fender.
I think with the prices to Canada you best ship to someone like DDGonzales
in Seattle and then drive and pick up from him. Its too expensive for anything
from or to canada from here.  What do you guys think?
I know its a 12 or 15 hour drive but Ive done that to get parts for my Mazda 800
 2 door van and would do it again if I have to.
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A trip to Seattle is quite pricy for me unless I wait till Christmas when i go home to the coast. 
Y would it cost less to ship to Seattle? 
If shipping by boat shipping to victors bc may work better  as my parents live an hour from there.
69 datsun 1000 deluxe. 73-78 Mazda b1800
65 datsun 1600 roadster. 
88 300zx turbo 2+2. 94 pathfinder
Thanks for the response guys,
Here are those pics I promised you Derrick,

Thank you for the tip about DO NOT TOP LOAD Chris.
I'll look into a light pallet as well, I think we get plastic ones in at work from time to time.
I have made a start on packing these up.

Anyone know of shipping companys with decent rates that send international?
I have found one company that will send international. (Mainfreight)
I havn't asked for a quote yet as im not sure on the finished sizes or weights.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I think it might be TOP LOAD ONLY, as the phrase, to indicate that it should be stacked on top, not on the bottom. Maby verify exactly what to put on it before you ship. I would hate to see these parts damaged in freight.
Also, I have seen that bonet in person and while it has rust in both the back corners, it is very straight and would be very easily repaired. I am quite envious of the proposed reciever, so it really is pretty good for it's age.
Awsome there mint condition compared to mine. Alberta winters beat the crap out of mine. 
Im very great full I don't know how I'm goin to repay you.
69 datsun 1000 deluxe. 73-78 Mazda b1800
65 datsun 1600 roadster. 
88 300zx turbo 2+2. 94 pathfinder
Im just happy to help out, and that is the whole point of this web site...
I would love to see more 1000's back on the road again, and hopefully create a friendly community for all datsun 1000 owners.
I know ebay & yahoo has all the smaller bits and pieces avaliable to you but large parts like panels would be impossible to source in Canada.
Im still looking for a Right Fender before I ship these off to you Derrick, anyone want to part with one?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I only have the ones I got off your ute, and the only spare I have is a left guard, and it's in Sydney at the moment.
You should keep a hold of that to use for your moulds.
I know there is a right guard on that white B20 in Dr Datto's yard, im not sure how good or bad it is.
I think it will need some work, from memory it has bog in it and maybe a 1200 indicator so it might need repair to make a 1000 one fit again.
I'll have to get down there to check it out and see how much they want for it.
Probably won't be for a few weeks, im tight on cash at the moment.
If I remember i'll bring a camera and take some pics, Last time I went in there he said he was willinhg to split it up for parts.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Yeah, I had no intention of letting go of the guards that I will be using to make moulds from, just saying that I have an other one, for the left hand side, but it is at a friends house in Sydney, and so that would be of no help either. 
I can send over some money for you. 
I also have bee. Talking to a buddy his friend is going to austrailia around christmas. He will talk to him and he may take it on the plane for me and I'll pay him for shipping. 
If u could get an estime now to that would be great just so I can get an idea of how much to put aside 
When u find out the price let me know I can send some money I can't get all these parts for free. 
Also I will be shipping a r16 head to D so if there is any one wanting something from Canada i have couple 73 celicas a 72 corona  4 door auto a 78 corolla 4door auto an datsun 710 and some b120 bits a 85 300zx no engine and drive train but int is decent. And always looking for more. can possibly add it to the box if he is not to far away to help him save on shipping
69 datsun 1000 deluxe. 73-78 Mazda b1800
65 datsun 1600 roadster. 
88 300zx turbo 2+2. 94 pathfinder
Im only chasing what it costs for the right fender, Left one and bonnet are still free.
I'll get down to DR Datto hopefully within the next week and find out a price and condition for you.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Sorry lads, I haven't been keeping up with the rent on my shed, so it's locked down at the moment until I pay it all off .
I'm pretty certain I have a RH guard but I can't confirm condition until I can get in there will try to do so at the end of the week.
Thanks Chris.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
A 5-speed from Canada please
Ok sounds good let me know
Sorry no 5 speeds. I have one from  a 83 datsun 710 and one from a 85 300zxbut none will work for us.
69 datsun 1000 deluxe. 73-78 Mazda b1800
65 datsun 1600 roadster. 
88 300zx turbo 2+2. 94 pathfinder
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