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Parts that are interchangable with other Datsuns

as for interchangable parts
I found that much of the interior parts such as
door handles, winder mechanisms and arms, wiper motors, door locks, ignition switches, seats, and I think the brake cyclinders from a G60 patrol will all fit a thousand!
They were made at the same time, so it makes sense that they would share parts.
J series is pushrod not ohc and cast iron head was a copy of the mg motor.
A series is much better for hp yet the J goes for ever as an industrial duty motor.
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Howdy all, it's been a while! Dredging up an old post here, but...
Does anyone know what other external wiper arms would fit a Thou, besides the G60? The arms from the P410/411 and SP/R311 at least have the same spline connection (and are at least available on the interweb), but are they the same length? What about other, more readily available makes/models?
Alternatively, has anyone got any tips on making the blades give a clean swipe above 20mph? Not that I drive out in the rain intentionally (anti hoon laws and such), but on occasion when I do get caught in a shower, the old and tired tension springs just don't do their job effectively anymore!
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hi guys,
im looking for a new speedo cable though my b10 has a12,
does this fit from b110?
i guess it fits the gear box but im concerned about the dash guage connection?
also does anyone know if there are any other options for the fuel tank float sender assembly,
maybe other datsun float guage work / fit?
the b10 float switch is rare and expensive...
cheers paul
bump on these questions btw...
I can't see why the cable wouldn't go into the back of your speedo. If anything I'd say the B100 cable would be slightly longer, which isn't an issue. Besides, it's cheap enough to take a punt anyway. 
If it helps, I resurrected my fuel level float sender unit by rubbing the contacts with some fine emery, now it works a treat!
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
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