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first datsun, first time owner and first post

hi all this is my first post and first datsun i've owned i've always liked the 1000 utes and when this one come up in the local paper for quite cheap just up the road from where i live i couldnt pass up the chance to look at it, and end up buying it. I'm the third owner with log books but its still quite rough. its never been out of rego and still has the original number plates from the dealer where it was bought. 
my plans are to restore and modify it ive already (only owned it for about 2 weeks) orderd a front brake upgrade kit for it, carpets, fender mirrors audio gear and priced the paint and upolstery for it. thanks for looking 
Hey loliver,
nice ute- when you say restore it and modify it do you mean keep it looking stock and go all out on a drive line set up?
what set up are you going to go? Who did you order the front brake up grade from?
i want the stock looks with some nice rims and hopefully a mild worked a12 with webbers and im hoping a leather interior. I orded a mad dat 1000 disk front end with a 7/8th master and custom push rod that way its all bolt on so if i ever want to convert it back to stock i can
Nice looking ute. My sedan used to be the same colour and had that same yellowish bog-like crap under the paint. Any idea what it is?
hey guys its been a long time since ive been on here so i thought id update how my ute is going, its been a slow process but im finally starting to see results
this is it before i stared to strip it down

this is a motor i got off gum tree

a photo from today after some soda blasting
Was that a a12 u got off gumtree? looks good nick. What colour are you gonna go?
I've decided to paint it Nissan light blue. The motor I bought off an old bloke who was a mechanic and built it for his 1200 while he built the matching numbers car.
Nice I was hoping you were gonna keep it blue I like it like that. I've got a wagon (well I bought D's and were organising freight next week) and tossing up what colour i'll do mine, I like the red it's in but my father in law has a metallic red valiant and we will go cruising a fair bit haha so I suppose i'll HAve to change it =P people might think were the fire brigade or something haha    
anyway nice ute!
hi loliver,
its a great looking original ute, i see its gonna be done proper,
i only wish i could find as such here in thailand...
just incase you dont know, one issue i had is a12 sits high and has trouble with air filter clearance,
small issue lol in the scheme of things your doin,
look forward to your progress,

hey guys i got my ute back from the panel beaters after some major suprises in the shell (the firewall had major cracks as did the chassis the tailgate was non existant so he made one from scratch) the cost of painting it went throught the roof but having come so far i decided to keep going im really happy with the results ive still got the floors to get done but ive just been saving at the moment hopefully it should be all back on the road by august. ive also got some new wheels there jelly bean mags powdercoated black with a blue stripe around the edge there size is 13x6.5 with a slight neg offset
Looks excellent.
What wheels are those fitted? They look very Compe-8 like but the caps are different and the centre section a bit larger.
I reckon those spoked wheels you have fitted would look much better than the jellies, my own opinion though.
Out of interest, is that paint colour the original?
By the way your panel beater did an awesome job on the tailgate.
By the way your panel beater did an awesome job on the tailgate.
Thanks man yeah he's a good beater, the wheels in the pictures are superlights but the factory clear coat has all peeled off them I'm probably going to get them powder coated and still keep them as spares the only problem is there 15x6 and scrub a little on the inside gaurd, the colour was Nissan light blue and I got the code off the colour sheet in the downloads section
Superlites, of course!
Cool, I had a two door sedan of that colour too. Certainly looks a lot more vibrant as a fresh coat. Keep up the good work.
Nice colour mate really grabs you. Just check if your brake upgrade needs 14" rims as I've got a Maddat kit and needs 14". Are you going to do any performance mods to the motor at all?not that they really need it if the a12 is healthy. I look forward to seeing more progress on it, there's a few being done at the moment and inspires late nights in the garage for me.

so i finnaly took my ute back to the pannle beaters to get the last of the body finished im really happy with how it came out the floors come out really nice its finaly got windows in it again now all i have to do is put it all back together and start driving it again
Great job mate. What other plans you got for it now the paint is done? You have to drop it a couple of inches they look tough low!
simply Georgeous! my fave datto colour
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Thanks guys first plans are to finish putting it back together get it driveble again then focus on more low smaller wheels and mayby a carbie upgrade for the a12 eventually I'd like to fork out the money for a 5 speed l really can't wait to put the fender mirrors back on
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