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clutch cable problems

Hey guys it been a while since I have been on here!
I am having problems with my clutch, the cable that came with the car did not have the correct set up at the gearbox end, the cable was clamped under a big washer and tightened. Well it has snapped and I would like something a little more reliable. Looking at bicycle brakes they have a hole through a bolt, which is not really much different to the washer clamp idea. Any idea as to what I can do?
Oh yeah, and where can I go for a new inner?
Wheres the rest of it
You have a 1200 box I'm guessing with the normal clutch fork not the 1000 style with the lever ?
I am guessing judging by the mount on the firewall
Just go buy the right cable
No I have an external clutch release lever. That is the whole cable there! What the hell can I do?
Show is whats supposed to go on the other end
Its likely just a standard 1200 or 120Y cable depending on the hole size in the bellhousing
More pics !!
If its a 1000 gearbox.... then it should have a bracket attached at the bottom before the fork
Not at the top on the firewall
And the cable looks like this one
This is at the gearbox
My cable seems a lot different, probably a custom job
that looks like a 1000 cable, a 1200ish firewall mount, and the picture is a 1000 box with a made up bracket on it..
best fix.. find a 1200 box and cable,(lighter more reliable and available)
other fix, get rid of the 1200 firewall mount, and buy a new 1000 cable and job done..
you might need the ball and threaded rod end, for the box end..
If you have no luck you could try a marine cable specialist.
These guys made a custom handbrake cable for my little brothers hilux, so im sure there would be other places that do the same.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
As dundee said
Its botched up
I'd personally fit the 1200 box if its more than a stocker
If she's as nana intended put a 1000 cable back in it... remove the firewall plate and the adaptor on the box
I might have a spare if you can't find one.... the one in the link I posted is what you need... however you will also need the cup that screws onto the end that locates in that bracket on the box
It is an a12, and chances are I will be warming it up a little, so I might have to go for the upgraded gearbox. Are the 1200 boxes stronger?
Don't worry about the spare, thanks for the offer but I don't have the locating cup or anything so probably best I go for another gearbox.
the 56 box is no stronger, just a better setup,
and the 1200 clutch is so much bigger than the 1000 one if you upgrade that too..
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