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Electronic Distributor Upgrade, tired of setting points every month

New member, first post. Datsun 1000 Ute with A1000 engine. Bought a Hotspark 3HIT-4U1 electronic distributor upgrade off US ebay for under 100 delivered. 10 days later it turned up. Installed it today in the driveway in about and hour, only needed to lengthen the black wire to reach the coil. Started first go, re-timed with a timing light, all good. Only thing to watch is that the coil primary resisitance needs to be greater than 3 ohms or the unit can be damaged by excess current. Two of my spare coils checked under 3 ohms, one checked 3.9 ohms so used that one. Nothing cut so points can go back in if it stops working for any reason. Will report back if any issues.
good to hear that the upgrade was so simple for you.
Upgradnig the dizzy can sometimes be problematic as the wizardary can baffle some people (Me included!)
Loks like a "hall effect" type setup i think.
The other option is an electronic 1984-85 e15 pulsar dizzie just change cogs over from A series machine a little (I use angle grinder with flapper disc) of the shaft of the E series as its slightly longer and presto.;
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Not sure if it's Hall effect, but no touching parts so nothing to wear out. Earlier tried an Astra dissy (change the gear over but no cutting the shaft) same as a Pulsar but different weights, ok at idle and high revs but no good in between too much advance coming in too quick I think ? New one runs great after 2 weeks, no probs idle mid or high rpm. Problem solved.
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