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Diff up Grade, Highway differential

Fitted H150 diff out of datsun sunny B310 to my B20.  Diff fits in 1000 housing but had to make a diff gasget 2mil thick          Ratio 3.889 which is the tallest diff that fits   Had to us tailshaft out of the B310 because biger diff flang on diff .  You can buy gasget paper 2ml thick from a bearing shop cost me $30 dollars for 1mt so you can make a lot
sounds good, how do you find the 3.9 in general?
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My ute has a rocker stocker motor so it has lost sum go off the mark but to drive it. It is much better
I have a 1200GX 5 speed I just recode it has no overdrive it is 1to 1 in top gear giving a closer gear ratios
Hopefully a lower first gear .This box fits strait in with no modifying the gearbox mount so will be perfect
don't break that box if it's a 1:1 5th.....
There is also the 3.7 H150 from some Sunny wagons
Question: would the combo of an overdrive box AND a 3.7 diff be overkill? ( used behind a stock A15)
In my last ute i had an a15 worked 13inch tyres 5speed  with a 1to1 ratio in 5 it would cruise at 100k.
Most of the sunny work shop manual us for factory fitted A15 5 speed over drive box us 3.889
I have learned to us factory specs
A15 4 spd and 3.9 works fine in the wagon
I have just drove my ute with my new diff 3.889 800kilomiters it drives  grate it will cruise at a 100k with a ute full of gear
I would reckamend the change
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