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Wanted original 1k engine mount rubber, Perth

If you have 1 or 2 original old 1000 engine mount rubbers , please call Dean on 04010397 five 4 (Perth)
help keep another thou on the road
Donated courtesy of Reuben
Hi Folks

I am putting a general call out for all and any damaged or broken 1k engine mounts.

I have found a guy in Perth who can rebond the mounts like new again for reasonable prices.
Obviously for one offs, its not very cost effective, but If I do a good bunch, then it will be worthwhile.

So, if anyone wants to palm off their damaged/broken/good for F**K all mounts to me, I would been keen for them. Its better then sending them to the bin.

I have also considered making new steel bits, and getting him to do the rubber part as well.



PS, if I don't reply, pester Dundee or Weekend1000. Im sure they will get a msg to me as I am exceptionally busy right now, so visiting forums are not priority.

I'll check the stash... might have a few
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