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A15 engine swap, advice would be nice!

Hey everyone! 
I was wondering if anyone has done an A15 conversion to their 1000?
i will be doing one in the next few months and would really appreciate any advice or tips you would be willing to share
thanks guys!
sorry I cant give you any advice but I used to own one that had an A15 installed by the previous owner. I was only speaking to him yesterday because I've just bought an L16 & 5 speed to go into my ute.
I am about to go down the A15 turbo path in mine, has a A12 at present. Will keep you posted as I learn more
It supposedly all goes straight in with a couple of modified engine mounts but after going back to A12 I have had issues with the rear (gearbox) mount and then tail shaft. Also in the other direction fan clearance may be an issue. Just drop it in and start measuring, you can use some 5-6mm steel plate to offset the engine mounts but make those other things I mentioned
line up
A15 is only a good thing in a K with either a 3.545 or 5 speed and 3.9
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