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NO OIL IN ENGINE, Help help help!

Hey guys short story shorter, i just took the a12 out of my vb10 to do rear main seal and its the first time ive ever taken an engine out before anyway all went well til i put coolant in and even after i was told by the father inlaw to right myself a note to put oil in, I FORGOT TO PUT OIL IN!!! One of the stupid many mistakes i suppose im going to make. Anyway i ran it for a max of 60-70 seconds with no oil before i turned it off, waited a minute to inspect then filled it up with oil and ran it for a minute... There werent any knocking sounds or anything as far as i could hear...
such a pity i think i did everything else ok!!!
Can i expect anything bad to come from this!?!? Will it blow up? Should i take any action? Im a bit of a newbie.
If your lucky and the bearings still had a coating of oil on them from before you pulled the engine out you might have got away with it
Wow  thats a real bummer Matt, Im thinking the bearing would have had some wear regardless of the oil film left on them, I would be weary about any knocking in the near future and if that does happen you best refresh the original A10 on the side so you at least have something ready just in case. The original A10 just needed rings, hone, valve stem seals and mill the head for another head gasket which will also raise comp from the low original 8.5:1 it has. Make a list which you can tick off as you go specially the oil filling at the end in RED CAPITAL LETTERS!!!
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Sweet thanks guys it seems to be ok for now, Dave I ended up using the front crank pulley from the a10 on the a12 because the a12 one had grooves in it where the front seal goes and i think this was causing the oik leak from that part... 
Other than that yea I will use the a10 if this one carks it. 
Live and learn is the lesson!!!
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