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Ball joints

Hi all, can anybody tell me where to get upper and lower ball joints from? Preferably in Aus as bprojects has them but $22 postage is a bit steep! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you  think their postage is pricey
You won't want to pay the price for balljoints in Oz
They are abit hard to find locally
I thought the $50 wasn't to bad but I suppose I might have to just pay the price. Maybe if I get all 4 and a few other bits that they have it will work out not to bad, the joys of 46 yr old cars!
every set i've bought has been 300 for a pair of upper and lower
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Get your disposable items while they are avaliable.
If you wait untill they are no longer avaliable you will regret worrying about $22 postage.
I'm not saying these will completely dry up overnight, but the longer you wait, the higher the demand/price becomes.
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There was a member on 1200 forums who used xf ford balljoints to use the heavy mumma ford upright to fit ford brakes at the front and a 9 incher at the rear, now thats not cheap and worth spending on new balljoints while avail
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