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Brake advice

So I have a lil KB10 and I am looking for advice on disc brake setups. I hear of people running Skyline/Pintara rear brake setups as it's a good upgrade. I haven't been able to find anything about running the fronts though? Has anyone done this upgrade?
Also why with every brake upgrade do I see people changing to 1200 hubs?
Cheers guys
Hey Greeny, I have a maddat setup with skyline disks and commodore calipers, off the shelf at 995 and very easy to fit. I'm not on the road yet but I'm sure they will stop awesome. There was no need to change any hubs or any mods to existing. Google them up they are on their website. Hope this helps.
I checked them out and they look pretty good. I was hoping to make up my own setup though.
The rotors pictured on maddat kit has a hat type rotor the slips over the wheel studs but I can not work out what skyline they come off. The 250mm rotor would be a R31rotor but they have a built in hub which isn't the one pictured. Do you know the part number of your rotors?
 The discs used are 256mm. I can't find a skyline disc that size???
I'll check when I finish work. I may have put info in the parts review section on the home page on this site.
Dundee 1000 also has a kit available
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Cheers guys. I PM'd Dundee 1000
Also I checked out the reveiw you did dix1000 and it was exactly what I was after. Cheers for that
You might find that disc is actually a FWD Bluebird/Pintara disc
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