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My (almost) new Sedan, B10 sunny sedan.

Nice one Jamie. Looks like a 1968 model to me.
Def not a 67. Its got the short spear indicators (67's got the little round indicators I believe), plus it doesn't have the early 2 piece dash.

Whats with the little black pod under the glove box? Is that a tape player?

Theres no definate way of telling the age until i get the papers next week. I found some QC stamps and papers on some of the parts dec S41(1966). So i was guessing 67. 
The black box is the 8 track player!
Normally on a JDM car the age can be determined off the seat belts or the date marked on the brake vacuum hose. This car has neither.
I have found in the past the best confirmation to its early date of manufacture is the door strikers, the early models have the more complicated looking striker mechanism.
As it stands, from what is photographed, the indicators (as mentioned), grille, dashboard, steering wheel and speedometer all point to a 1968 model. The transmission is interesting and uncommon for the 1968 so it is interesting to see what year it is.
Beaut. Love that colour.
After a slow few months, everything in the braking system is now new, coil replaced, runs like a dream. Just waiting for the fuel tank to to come back from being flushed.
Checking the papers for the car today, she is a 1967 model, first registered in Dec 67'!
She's a little ripper!
She definitely has the MY68 features, which according to our reference page, was released in late '67. That explains the date on your papers, but the column shift is a noggin scratcher; Was the 3-speed carried over as an option into the MY68, alongside the 4spd floor shift and column shift auto? If not, I wonder if you have a special order or better yet, a pre-production MY68!
What is her frame number? That might shed some light on the subject.
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Also has the the early type fuel pump with the brass elbow (which is broken, does anyone have one to sell?).
Grabbed the trade plates from work last night and drove her home last night. Didn't skip a beat! Although i think a block and radiator flush is in order as the temp went a needle width past half way. Usually wouldn't concern me but it was only 2 deg celsius (ambient) last night when i drove home.
If it's stinking hot like it was overheating then there may be issues. Otherwise I would take the datsun temp guage with a grain of salt as I had a 1200 that sat on 3/4 or worse with no actual issues.
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