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C80 Datsun/Nissan Truck, What model?

Hello everyone. I have a new distraction and was wondering if any of you guys know what model it is or called? It's a Datsun 3.5 ton 1974 model but that's all I know! Overall it's not in bad nick, but it still needs a fair bit of work and knowing me I will go overboard! The plan is to have it on the road in 6 months so I can go to Alice Springs for the the hall of fame truck and transport show in July 2015. Hopefully by then the datto will be ready and I can take it on the back like a trailer queen. What do you guys think of a later model patrol turbo diesel and a decent beefed up auto? Love to get your feedback.
Nissan C80 by the looks
Probably got an SD33 diesel in her ?
In which case a TD42T would be a nice easy swap

Thanks for that Neil, not sure if you can see the motor but it might have been changed for petrol. I haven't seen the truck without the body yet but it kind of looks like a Z motor.
You can buy a conversion kit to bolt a Chev pattern block to the original gearbox.... still cost a fortune in fuel to run it even with a 308 I'm guessing
So if you swap the TD42T in go with the matching box for more gears and economy
Yeah I think the turbo diesel is the go, nothing like boost and there is some good power upgrades to be had with the 4.2. I was thinking of an 8 but as you said the fuel bill would be horrendous. I was originally toying with the idea of a f-truck triton V8  But expensive to buy and set up.
Noooool knows his stuff.....

If you can get a close up of the motor, if its Nissan or Toyota, I will be able to identify it for you. I'm a bit partial to the old Jap 4wd stuff, so if its a SD series or a TD series, then it will be obvious.

If its got an SD33/35 in it, if it runs just leave it there. They are generally bullet proof, even if they are a bit slow. I could tell you some nasty stories of how I treated an SD33 in a previous patrol and it never let me down. The patrol pretty much rusted around the motor...

The equivalent motor in a Nissan 6 petrol was either the L28 (from the 280ZX) or the P40. The P40 was the motor to have, but fuel economy was appalling. Torque was awesome, just plan your trip around servos.

As for a TD swap, they are still pretty expensive to buy even second hand as a good running unit, and they are not that fantastic on the fuel anyways. A GQ/GU wagon with the TD42 can expect anywhere from 13-14l/100km up to 18-20l/100km depending on configuration.

If you want to get extra performance from a TD42, then without spending big dollars to redo everything, then the gains are fairly nominal and fuel economy goes out the window. You find that as soon as you improve one thing, you find a choke point in the next point, and diesel mods are an expensive habit.

In their Std form, they are a bullet proof rock solid workhorse. Just don't expect anything else from it.

If you have to swap something in, your cheapest option in my opinion is a holden 304/ford 302 with the matching auto. You can pick up good running motors from a VR/AU or such for $500. A good TD42 could cost your upwards of $5000, plus the gearbox.

Also don't forget that the TD42 gearbox is a married box, which weighs a ton on its own. This just means you have to mount two gearboxes and the front output is un-used. Not a big deal, just an expensive extra option you won't need.

To be honest, I'm a diesel fan all day. If you have cash to burn on a project like this, I would chase down a Chev duramax diesel and the auto box to suit. Good fuel economy, plenty of power, sounds mint, pulls like a school boy with a stick book. Good all round, except for the cost to import one. A marginally cheaper option in the diesel scene is the 6.5l chev diesel, and auto, but the duramax is not significantly more in cost and 10 times the motor. I wouldn't recommend the Ford Powerchoke, for a whole bunch of reasons.

Thanks for that Reuby. It's given me something to think about. If I go the 8 I would go the ford (holden is a swear word) as I'm a die hard ford man. The way I look at it is the 8 is the last resort and would rather rebuild what's in it (so long as it's a decent motor) and turbo it as I want the torque to get moving. Either way I will try and get some more pics of the motor. Cheers.
Duramax.... I can hear the spool from the open pipe from here.. 
I didn't know you are a skool kid Reubs...
The SD35 was turboed from the factory, If it is an SD series, then if you hunt around some 4wd wreckers you might find a factory turbo setup for not much. You could also try the Patrol forums. I've found them to be very welcoming and full of information, and parts...

The SD and the TD series factory turbo setups were pretty lack-lustre. 5-7 pound is about all you will get from them without EGTs going through the roof. The back pressure from the turbo to the head is what kills the motors if you try to squeeze them. In saying that, they do preform reasonably well given what they are, and in your little truck with a light tray, it must just hum along nicely.

I did a conversion in a MQ patrol many years ago. Chucked my favourite V8 petrol in (253 holden), and it went like stink. It used to destroy 33" tyres doing burnouts and was allowed me to be a general nuisance to everyone from Esperance to Geraldton. Ive got some old photos of a crazy night up at Daliwallinu doing burnouts all night, then driving home on wire... But I digress.

If its got a SD33/35 in it, then the gearbox bellhousing means you can swap in a later model 5 speed without too much drama as well.

Duramax.... I can hear the spool from the open pipe from here..

I didn't know you are a skool kid Reubs...

Mr Dundee, you know that I'm still at school. Went back to uni at start of this year....

Hi all,
just thought I'd show the progress of the C80 for those of you interested. It's got the h30 engine in it at the moment with 4 speed which should be good for 50kph!!! Future holds an XR6 turbo but that's another story. Getting painted Toyota silver (sorry about the T word) with dark red interior. Got the 17.5" alloys ready to go with tyres so hopefully be on the road around March April. 
Thanks for looking.
Top work
And yah to you for thinking outside the box and saving something unusual
Richard Im not sure how much power you need or planning to spend to re-engineer
but the H30 engine has incredible potential if boosted just look at what Lou Mondello
got from working a H20 engine somewhere around 117kw at wheels.
H series fit to either the SD22 and other SD2X bellhousings (fairlady forums know)
You can have 5 speed 71 series column shift from Diesel Urvan and potential for
the H30 is quite more than you think, check valve sizes and ports it definitely can
get around 200lbs torque and 160kws with boost.
Also did you check if you have the factory LSD diff? otherwise a more modern
H230 would be all you need as its the Nissan 9 inch version avail with LSD.
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I watched this on one of those hotrod shows and thought of your truck Dix... 
do a search like COE hotrod...
the choices for an engine are huge.. down to the local truck wreckers... UD, 4 or 6 pot turbo,,,
oh and if trhe timing was better.... THIS would BE ON IT'S way over....
I thought I was crazy with the truck, even harder than a 1k to get parts for and now you plant another seed!!! Hmmm with a bit of overtime.....
tilt hydraulic tray at the back would be better for rear mounted engine choices like 
Nissan V8 and RB30ET which are cheap and proven will also be much easier for
servicing than the painful under the seat BS and no cabin noise for long trips.
Low mounted tray then is possible with rear engine and long tray.
Love the wheels and love the whole outside the box thinking.
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, Big Brother is watching you - George Orwell 'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer -- so I wasn't lying -- and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.'"  Harold Rosenthal http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=24688
Thanks guys. D, I wanted a tilt but need certificate!! What a crock, the chassis could handle damn need anything and one hydraulic ram isn't going to hurt. The reason for the xr6 turbo is they're cheap now and just need to put a tune and 400hp and 700nm of torque and a straight six and not to mention the H30 is a nightmare to find parts and a turbo would require about the same amount of cash as xr6 due to all custom made manifolds etc etc. I'm not sure if the diff is an lsd but would be nice but again not sure how it would handle any power increase.
Before you decide on that funny motor
Have a look at a VQ30 from a maxima
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