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KB10 project - lots of good and hard to get parts - FREE

KB10 Datsun 1000 Coupe - Not really free EOI considered
Long term incomplete project which I have decided I am unlikely to finish and would be best in someone else’s garage where it might get more attention than I’ve been giving it.
1969 KB10 – complete car. Has been sanded extensively and has surface rust. There is an area of structural rust at the driver’s side front corner where the suspension tie bar mounts. This certainly needs repairing. Otherwise, there are some rust areas that would be easy to patch and none of them endanger the integrity of the body. Bumpers are present, but have some rust and would ideally be re-chromed; as they’re pretty straight they could be sanded and painted. All the glass is there, rubbers are reasonable. Boot lid is rusty but repairable. Being such a small car a KB10 is much less daunting than a full sized car when it comes to bodywork.
Dash pad needs repairing, dash is present and pretty well everything is functioning. Tacho, speedo and other gauges working
A14 engine
Mounts fabricated to install A14 in the 1000, all done properly (many hours work). All wiring corrected for the A14 including wiring to the alternator in the A14 location.
Twin hitachis
Extractors and complete sports exhaust system all in functional condition
Last time out (a few years ago) it pulled pretty well and it only took me a short time to get it to start and run recently.
60 series dogleg 5 speed transmission (in gwo – quiet and synchros quite good)
Rear mount fabricated for the 60 series box
Front disk brake conversion fitted – B110 disks and calipers
Brakes (foot and handbrake) and clutch are all currently working, although I suggest all new rubbers for the brakes will be required as a minimum.
Wheels/tyres: Presently has 4 13” globe Bathurst mags fitted. Tyres are inflated and stay up but they are a little bit big. They have decent tread. 13” wheels are fine on a KB10, but need to be fitted with pretty small or low profile tyres. I think. I can supply a set of jellybean mags instead (or as well?). The jellybeans have (ancient) Formula Ford rubber on them.
Not fitted
New rear konis
New front shocks – torana shocks which can be adapted to fit the KB10 – I believe that the pins in the top mounts have to be changed over – probably 5 mins for someone with a press and easily done by Pedders or similar
All the ball joints and steering joints are in serviceable condition. I do have 4 new ball joints (upper and lower both sides) but they are not included in the package.
Honda CRX seats fitted – seats are in good condition and the really do fit in a KB10 – they are narrow enough to leave some clearance between the seat and the door when fitted in the correct position. The seats have been properly fitted to the original rails so they are still adjustable. And, they’re comfortable!
I would prefer to sell it all as a job lot so that someone will get the benefit of the hard to find bits I have accumulated over about 10 years. If I cannot get interest at the right level, I will consider selling separately. 
PS: I also have an H145 LSD with a 4.11 centre. It has a small crack in the centre which would not be difficult to repair with a bit of welding and machining. It’s a toss up whether this or a  56 series 5 speed dogleg box (direct top gear) is the ultimate KB10 accessory! If someone wants to buy it as part of a package they get first dibs. If not it will be for sale when the car has gone or when I (reluctantly) sell it off as separate items.
I’ll get some pics up when I can, but most of it looks just like you would imagine. Inspection of the body is at Warrandyte Melbourne on the weekends. Not enough daylight to offer inspections except at the weekend at this time of the year.
Best contact is mobile in the evenings or weekend: zero42nineone40one80. Tony
Datsun1200.com topic:
pics pls photobucket.com
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They're coming - weekend job!
Photobucket photos:
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1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
dundee, you keen on another roadtrip?
for your shed this time though...
didn't we do that once... Coupe and a container full...
Nice of you to go get that car for me boys
Will be in touch once the dust settles and shed space becomes available
you know neil.
you have been saying that for about 5 years now....
True story
But now I actually have a shed up and next week off to make space
Only 5 years 
His projects are older than mine....
I've just owned them longer
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