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wtb 1000 engine mounts

looking for some help can not find any engine mounts any ideas ?
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Nissan Part # for the standard 1000 engine mount is 11223-18001 it might pay to give Nissan a call to see if they are still avaliable?
They are specific to the 1000"s so other A series mounts differ.

If all else fails you might be making custom ones.
My little bro and I made some custom mounts for an engine swap we did, we just ran a bolt straight through some urethane with thick plate on each side, it works great.
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Sorry mate,I just realised your ute has an A12.
Im not sure what was done to mount it into your ute.
If you are using a standard Nissan A-series engine mount it might pay to have a look through this.
It will hopefully help you identify which mount you are using/chasing.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks had a look at photos they have used  b10 mounts looks like ill have to make something
 vg30et powered starion daily
A12 powered datsun1000 rebuilding
I have used some from a VW transporter of some sort.
Adam, I was going through my 1000 stuff this afternoon for another member on here and found these.

I didn't even know I had them.
They are very old and not in the best shape..
If you want them send me a PM with a postal address and I'll send them to you next time im passing a post office.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Even if the rubber is shot, ive done the same as you and just put a bolt through and it was fine.
I know this is an old thread, but I thought it would be the best place to put this.
I have just broken an engine mount. I was never woried abou this happening because I have 2 brand new 1200 mounts. How ever as you all know, they didn't fit.
Well that problem was easily solved by cutting the bracket that mounts to the engine, bending it down so it sits horizontal with the crossmember and drilling a new locating hole in it for the engine mount. I cut 2 small bits of plate to weld back in over the cuts in the bracket and bolted the 1200 engine mount straight in. I have only done one side at the moment, but the car dosn't know the difference.
I have previously had adaptor brackets/mounts made up to enable A12/14/15 to be fitted to the 1000's using a 1200 engine mount, can make some more up if people are interested think they cost about $50 a pair
let me know if your interested or if anyone else is
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"Even if the rubber is shot, ive done the same as you and just put a bolt through and it was fine."
When you say put a bolt through it, where do you mean? In place of the original lower bolt?
You dont want to make the bolt too tight. Using a nylock nut means that you can adjust it to the best height.
Having the nut just above the steel plate means that it can flex a little (like its supposed to) without having ti come away completly.
I had this setup for quite a while as my engine at the time used to rip mounts regularly for some reason.
Andrewzuku and I did something similar on his 1uzfe swap into his Hilux,
We first saw the idea done on Datjas's FJ20 1200.
It works great and I also reccomend Nylock nuts even if they are hard to get to.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks for the help, I have a 1200 mount on one side so that should be sweet. The other side I have an orginal 1000 mount, I'll have to see if I can fit a bolt since there is that angled metal piece in the way.
I also have some square tube so I might try and run solid mounts anyway.
Here is a pic mounting up a 120y a12 for those that need help fitting a later model engine.
The LHS side is original 1000 rubber combined with the 120y section.

RHS is a couple of angles, in the shape replicating the 120y mount but flat bottomed so it has a 1200 mount underneath. I think the original 1000 rubber would work with the stock 120y mount if I had one (not sure how this is possible?)


This setup is not finished however, I need to drill some iron strap to move the engine back a little. I haven't measured this up yet, the tailshaft I have is to suit a h150 (maybe 10 or 15mm longer than the 1000 shaft) and it requires some movement in the back of the gearbox.
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