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Datsun 1000 suspension. , Front and rear shock absorbers.

Are there any alternative shock absorbers that fit a Datsun 1000 two door sedan 1968 front and rear. Do the Datsun 1200 ones fit? Thanks!
Pedders suspension do datsun 1000 shock absorbers.
You will need to have the mounting pin changed over from the old fronts to the new ones.
If you are chasing some other options these is also a topic here...
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks again Ash!!    I am having new ball joints too. As every thing is being taken apart for the 
strip back and re spray if want to make sure I fix any extra stuff I can. The amazingly good news is I've found out the 
wreakers father in law has an old Datsun 1000 filling a gap in their paddock fence. It is pretty far gone but we can scavenge lots of bit hopefully. I am able to go in and help out. So even though I am getting lots of help it still feels like my project. So fun. It's amazing the people I have met who are really interested in seeing my Datsun  be reborn. 
I really appreciate your help and will keep you posted.
That is good news about rescuing parts from the datsun fence.
While you are on the suspension line of thought...Grab the drag link If it is still usable and store it away for future use, these are hard to come by and like all steering/suspension items, will eventually wear out. get it while you have the chance.
One end shound feel like a ball joint, and the other should pivot only. (where they mount to the idle arm and at the other end mounting to the steering box).
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I just got a pair for front from pedders with my pins fitted for $185. I thought price was reasonably good, rears are also of the shelf from pedders.
What are the part numbers on the shocks ?
I have a pedders set fitted to the front of my coupe. They are not gas but they are much bigger than the piss ant datsun ones. They work realy well. I'm sure they are 4 cylinder torana shocks. Pedders will press the pins in no dramas.
P/N :  3015 D 07DE09
I have gas shocks in the rear if anybody needs those part numbers. I'm not sure if they are different to the sedan.
GTi-t KB10
Mine say 3029 A but on my invoice it lists it as 3015 D. I'd say the other no's are manufacture date.
Hey Dix
Double check you got what you paid for. The 3015 P/N is the Torana shock and the 3029 seems to be the Datsun 1000 shock.
GTi-t KB10
I have Torana shocks on mine
Monroe GT gas
I made new bottom pins
So that kind of makes sense
LJ torana shocks front. Datsun 1200 coupe shocks rear. Both fit fairly easily, I had some spare front 1000 shocks that were different to my originals, so the pins that need to be pressed might have come with different thickness/bushings depending on the year model?
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