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Reuby Tuesdays 4 door sedan project

Ok, So an update on the project.

Its come to a grinding halt.
Its basically a lack of available time.
My wife has been unwell for some time and the house is needing much needed repairs and renovations. As such, what waking time I have available is looking after the family or working on the house.
Its fustrating as I was just starting to get some momentum on the project, only to have to just stop.

Hoping that by June, Ill have all the house stuff done, uni will be done (im thinking of defering for semester 2 2018) and i can get back into the saddle on this.
I hope the wife gets better, things get easier for you...

Looking foward to the updates.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks Ash,

Will be spending a day or two on my green machine 4 door to get it ready for sale this weekend - so some time on a datsun, even if its not Daisy. That cash is pegged for the project, plus anything else I offload from the shed.

Its not all doom and gloom, just another speedbump is all.
All the best to your wife Reubs and your family including yourself!
Family first, hobbies last or just before sexual fantasies
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If you do get a small ammount of Datsun time here and there, and are looking to feel like you have made some progress on things, there are† things you can do which dont take large blocks of time/cash.

  • Clean up threads with a tap and die set.
  • Polish scratches out from light/indicator lenses.
  • Remove 1 part and clean it up and put it back on etc etc.

Even the smallest improvement is still an improvement and if you do enough of them they add up.

Could be a way to get somewhere on the car while still focusing on your family.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks Ash.

Your a man full of good ideas.

The car is now painted and I do need to start doing some reassembly.
I have also got the rear axle to assemble again, which is sitting on the floor still.

Part of the challange Ash is that my workshop is about 200m away from the house - now that is normally a good thing, but when you need to be about the house to keep an eye on things it presents additioanl challanges.

Like I said, its not all doom and gloom, just a speedbump.
Youll have to bring an indicator inside and polish it in the house on the top secret.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
polishing your indicator.....

geez ash, if thats you kids call it these days i must be getting old

The Mrs is very good to me really.

We aquired a huge box of spanners from an clearing sale we went to a while back.

They were pretty filthy and really just needed a clean up.
She offered to let me use the dish washer inthe house!†
Running it on 'pots and pans' function with extra powder really cleans up shed stuff nicely.

I did have to clean out any residue left, and i did do an empty run after it with bleach and its fine, but how many girls would let you do that, let alone suggest it!
Sounds like a keeper.

Friends wife was keen on baking some aluminum intercooler plumbing in the oven to krinkle coat it on Sunday ... was for her EP82 Starlet tho.

Old lenses come up amazing with a polish/buff.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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