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Reuby Tuesdays 4 door sedan project

That is a shame about the MX5 boys but they are probably still upset about owning an MX5! I would just try and use your harness and add into it for the mazda bits, it would probably be more cost effective that way. I know what you mean about cash, they might be little cars but they do love taking all your spare hard earned!
alot of Mx5 boys are just try hard show ponies dont worry about that
Our OHV bottom ends are stronger than theirs too
Keep it all Mazda stock, turbo ecu save money and later you can upgrade ecu if you are not happy with 160-170kws atw but go for budget or factory you are way better off. You will be surprised how well a stock 77mm bore A15 will go with that head and some boost. Id use that block as is and look into water injection for a cheap safety cushion.
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One of the helpful guys at MX5talk.com seems o think that the late model laser (97ish) with the B6 comes with solid lifters, roller rockers, and a higher lift/longer duration cams.

Might be worth doing some homework on that. If I can find a complete motor for cheap enough or even a written off car then its worth the investigation.

68 4 Door project (http://www.datsun1000.com/TopicView.asp?TopicID=668)
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So an update on this projects front.

It has all come to a grinding halt due to a desperate lack of funds.

The panel beater has just told me that my car is ready to collect, and I have a bill waiting for me, which even if it was only $1, its $1 more than I can afford right now for a project car.

On the positive note, I had a good friend come up and help me cut the old bent 4-door up and mount the front end on castor wheels so I can dummy fit parts and test run motors. After rummaging through the shed, I should have everything I need to get it setup.

At this stage, unless its a near Zero cost activity, its not happening unfortunately.

68 4 Door project (http://www.datsun1000.com/TopicView.asp?TopicID=668)
Earth First!!! We Can Mine The Other Planets Later
Maybe sending that caged coupe my way will help
that would involve CASH noooool.... 
Might be able to find some
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